Housing Affordability is a Major Regional Challenge

Rising housing costs are placing a major burden on working families. The Washington Housing Conservancy is on the front lines in the community, combating displacement and interfacing with residents to help them realize their goals for their neighborhoods by promoting resident connectedness in its properties.

The Washington Housing Conservancy Solution

The Washington Housing Conservancy will acquire and develop affordable workforce housing in the Washington region and coordinate services for residents and communities. The Conservancy is part of the Washington Housing Initiative, a triple bottom line impact initiative that will have sufficient scale to preserve or build 3,000 units of affordable workforce housing across our region and serve as a model for systemic change.

Our Key Principles
Focus on High-Impact Locations
Commit to Long-Term affordability
Build a replicable model
Invest at scale, with speed, certainty and flexibility
Sustain and strengthen inclusive communities
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Housing Shortfall Continues to Grow

The Washington region is losing affordable workforce housing as its population grows. This has led to consistent growth in the housing shortfall year over year.

Rents Rising Faster Than Income

The median rent in DC is rising much faster than median income, resulting in an unsustainable cost burden to DC’s working residents.

Increased Pressure on Middle Income Households

“The surge in high-income households puts upward pressure on house prices and rents, making it more challenging for both low- and middle-income households to find housing they can afford.” - Urban Institute